Welcome to Continuum Collective

Co-create your beloved feminist community

We are a collective engaged in the radical act of authentic, intentional, interconnected feminism.

Ours is a communal space that asks you to enter as authentically you, with all your fractured imperfections and curiosities welcome. Together we co-create the beloved feminist community.

There is nothing more compelling than a self-defined, self-directed woman. Continuum Collective members learn to engage in radical enquiry, to access their inner-voice, locate and define their desires, and become empowered self-actualized beings.

 Intentional + Authentic + Curious + Purpose-driven Community

MONTHLY: "Altar of Feminism" master class | WEEKLY: “Obsessions" list of our favorite things | EXCLUSIVE: Virtual and in-person events, free workshops, discounted master classes, secret meet-ups and Feminist Happy Hours!

ENDLESS: Community and conversations, professional advice, organic networking, and crowdsourced personal tips.

Who is Continuum Collective for?

Anyone, located anywhere who is interested in asking big questions, pushing boundaries, and stepping into a revolutionary space with new best friends waiting to co-create a more equal, more free, more adventurous world with you.

All are welcome. Women, men, straight, queer, religious, non-religious, American, Ghanaian, Japanese, Dominican, Peruvian, in between or multi-faceted, all are welcome. No seriously, literally everyone needs a feminist community. Only one rule: No assholes (please self-identify). Under 18? Please ask your closest parental figure for permission.  

Learn more about Continuum Collective at continuumcollective.org

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