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Authentic, Intentional, Interconnected Feminism

Continuum Collective

What is Continuum Collective?

We are a community of creators, connectors, provocateurs, intellectuals, storytellers, and activists committed to the radical act of authentic, intentional, interconnected feminism.

Continuum Collective is for those committed to thought, theory, and action.

We worship at the altar of relational social justice. Our community is for those who understand that social change is best built on a foundation of showing up for, listening to, and truly knowing one another. Ours is a communal space that asks you to enter as authentically you, with all your fractured imperfections and curiosities welcome. Together we co-create the beloved feminist community.

We are a collective built on three pillars. Knowledge is the key. Community is power. Purpose drives success.

Join today for just 27 cents (yes, only 27 cents!) per day. That's $99/year, or $9.99/month if you prefer.

Learn more about Continuum Collective at continuumcollective.org

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